Mary Hager - Function First Design
     Effective, Affordable Site Development
September 19, 2020   


My rate is $75 per hour. This includes design and coding of the original project, as well as future updates. Routine updates, such as a weekly news posting or product listings, can be managed via client-side administration, so you will generally only need me for the occasional change.

I do not charge any monthly fees.

On every new project, I provide a proposal for the complete site as well as a cost breakdown for each portion of the site. I do not exceed my estimate even if I am wildly mistaken on how much time a project will take. We will, however, have to adjust the estimate if you request new items (not included in the proposal) as the site is being developed.

For most projects, I require 50% of the estimate up front, with the balance due at the time the site is launched.
For larger, more complex projects, it is often better to break down the payment into smaller installments. We can discuss and agree on the specifics of installments, based on the scope of your project.

Initial consultation (up to 2 hours) is free of charge. If you are local, I will come to you. If not, we can find a logical place to meet or simply have our conversation on the phone.