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September 19, 2020   

Content & Data Management

Most of my websites are written in Coldfusion, and with very few exceptions, I write all of the code behind them myself. Coldfusion is a coding language created to allow database interaction with a website, meaning that information can be passed from the site to a database and vice-versa.

The obvious benefit of this interaction is that your website can collect information from visitors (mailing addresses, shopping cart contents, order totals and shipping information, etc.) and store this data directly in a database. Of course it also means that the website can take information from the database and display it on the site, based on what the visitor is doing or requesting (This is called dynamic content).

The third key benefit is that your site administration allows you to interact directly with this data, so you can easily change the content of your website - anything from basic site copy and images to your full product line - without having to learn about code or databases. Of course you can also access and update client and order data - anything stored in your database - right through the administrative portion of your site.

Because I am not dependent on open source solutions to any given problem, I am able to offer my clients incredible flexibility in managing site content and customer data - without headaches, confusion, or ridiculous expense. I simply write the functionality that you need and present it in a way that makes sense for you and your business.